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One of the best beauty Studio

Eternity Studio takes enormous pride in providing the highest standards in the beauty business. We are committed to bringing the highest quality of products and services at a very competitive pricing.

We greatly uphold to our commitment of delivering the best to our valued clients by sticking to the highest standards of sanitization and cleanliness. All our team members are well experienced, professionally trained and educated, they come from different nationalities because we believe in the camaraderie and harmony within our Studio.

Our Services

Our mission is not just to make you feel fabulous after you leave the Studio, but also to indulge and pamper yourself while you are here.
Eternity Beauty Studio

What we do for you

The best stylists have come together to transform your look and feel with glitz and glamour. From hair to nails, makeup to beauty, we offer exclusive services that will revolutionize your look in every way. You know what they say, you can’ buy happiness but you can buy makeup and it’s kinda the same thing!

  • Hair Services
  • Beauty Services
  • Body Services
  • Nail Services
  • Massage Services
Cutting and Styling


Discover a new you with our beauty services
  • Half Arm

    AED 40
  • Underarm

    AED 30
  • Full Arm

    AED 80
  • Full Arm & Underarm

    AED 105
  • Half Leg

    AED 70
  • Full leg

    AED 100
  • Full leg & Bikini line

    AED 130
  • Bikini line

    AED 50
  • Eyebrow

    AED 45
  • Upperlips

    AED 30
  • Chin

    AED 25
  • Sides

    AED 50
  • Upperlips & Chin

    AED 40
  • Eyebrow & Upperlip

    AED 70
  • Full face w/o Eyebrows

    AED 105
  • Neck

    AED 40
  • Manicure with colour

    AED 60
  • Pedicure with colour

    AED 75
  • Combo basic

    AED 125
  • Pedicure with gel polish

    AED 115
  • Manicure with gel polish

    AED 105
  • Combo gel

    AED 200
  • French Manicure

    AED 70
  • French Pedicure

    AED 85
  • Full Hair Color-Short

    AED 250+
  • Full Hair Color-Medium

    AED 350+
  • Full Hair Color-Long

    AED 450+
  • Roots Color

    AED 200+
  • Roots Color- Ammonia free

    AED 250+
  • Full Hair color short-Ammonia Free

    AED 350+
  • Full Hair color Medium-Ammonia Free

    AED 450+
  • Full Hair color Long-Ammonia Free

    AED 550+
  • Full body massage

  • Hot stone massage

  • Thai massage

  • Thai herbal heat massage

Beauty Studio

Best Services

We provide makeup, hair stylingand others services for your special day.
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Eternity Beauty


We are one of Studios equipped with internationally skilled experts.